Verum Review: A Gastronomic Journey of strong flavours, Rustic Ambiance, and Interactive Dining.

Verum Asador
Verum main entrance
Verum main entrance

Location: C. Flamencos, 3, 29018 Málaga

Opening Hours: Every day 1 PM – 12 AM

Unveiling the True Essence of Flavour

Verum Asador derives its name from the Latin word “Verdad,” meaning “Truth,” reflecting its mission to rediscover the authentic flavours that have gradually faded over time. From the very first bite, Verum Asador invites you on a culinary expedition to savour the genuine aromas and mouthwatering tastes that lie within their traditional Castilian oven. This remarkable eatery, honoured by the Ministry of Agriculture for their exceptional use of quality Spanish ingredients, showcases a menu inspired by the world’s finest culinary traditions. Join us as we explore the captivating journey of Verum Asador, where taste and truth intertwine.

A Gastronomic Exploration click on the link to download and preview the Menu. Menu Verum Asador

Salmon Tartare Verum
Salmon Tartare Verum

Indulging in the Starters: Salmon Tartare

Prepared as in Norway, natural, with avocado, mango coulis, and a layer of trout eggs. (Approx. 100 g) | Price: 22 euros

The salmon tartare at Verum Asador is a delightful symphony of flavours. The dish boasts a generous portion of fresh, high-quality salmon. The natural preparation allows the true essence of the fish to shine, while the accompanying elements of avocado, mango coulis, and trout eggs add a touch of luxury. The dish is visually appealing and each bite delivers a burst of freshness. However, it is worth noting that the dressing could be slightly lighter to allow the salmon’s delicate taste to prevail.

The Main Attraction: Charolais Old Beef

Steak with 40 days maturation in cold storage. (Approx. 1.2 kg) | Intensity of flavour: 8.5/10, Tenderness: 8/10, Flavour intensity: 8/10 | Price: 93.60 euros

Verum Asador takes great pride in its selection of Charolais old beef, aged to perfection for 40 days. This impressive piece of meat boasts a remarkable intensity of flavour that satisfies the cravings of any meat lover. The steak showcases the expertise of the chefs, with a tender and succulent interior that delights the palate. However, it is important to note that the outer layer of the steak tends to be slightly dry due to the cooking process, resulting in some wastage. While the flavour is robust, it may be a touch too fatty for those seeking a leaner cut. Nevertheless, the quality of the meat remains commendable.

The restaurant brought a sizzling hot stone to our table, offering an interactive element to the meal. This well known  concept allowed us to take charge of our meat’s cooking process. If we felt our steak was undercooked, we had the opportunity to sear it to perfection on the hot stone ourselves. It was an engaging and personalised touch that added an extra level of excitement to our dining experience. 

Malaka gin and tonic jelly with lime and basil ice cream
Malaka gin and tonic jelly with lime and basil ice cream

A Sweet Finale: Gin Tonic on Plate

Malaka gin and tonic jelly with lime and basil ice cream | Price: 7 euros

The inventive dessert offering at Verum Asador presents the Gin Tonic on Plate. This unique creation combines the refreshing notes of Malaka gin and tonic jelly with a zesty lime and basil ice cream. While the concept is intriguing, the execution falls slightly short. The basil flavour dominates the dish, overpowering the overall taste experience. The combination of ingredients may not be to everyone’s liking, and the balance of flavours could be refined for a more harmonious conclusion to the meal.

Service Considerations and Final Verdict

At Verum Asador, the main head waiter stands out for their professionalism and attentiveness. However, the same cannot be said for the rest of the service staff, who lack the expected level of proficiency for a restaurant positioning itself as a top-tier establishment. It is disappointing to encounter instances of water outside the restroom and the presence of a cockroach in the toilet, indicating a lapse in hygiene standards. The overall service experience does not align with the restaurant’s claim of being a top-end establishment. For a fine dining establishment, one would expect a higher level of professionalism and attention to detail.

In conclusion, Verum Asador excels in delivering good quality meat and authentic flavours that pay homage to traditional cooking methods. The Charolais old beef offers a robust and flavourful experience, though it may be slightly fatty and the outer layer can be dry. The salmon tartare showcases the freshness of the fish, but the dressing could be adjusted to enhance the salmon’s natural taste. The dessert, Gin Tonic on Plate, presents an innovative concept but falls short in achieving a harmonious balance of flavours.

While the food at Verum Asador impresses, the service aspect leaves room for improvement. Apart from the main head waiter, the rest of the staff lacked the professionalism and attentiveness expected from a restaurant positioning itself as a top market establishment. Hygiene issues, such as water on the floor and the presence of a cockroach in the restroom, are significant concerns that need immediate attention.

Considering the accolade of being listed among the 100 best restaurants in Spain by The Fork-American Express, it is clear that Verum Asador has the potential to be an outstanding dining destination. However, achieving true excellence requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just serving good quality meat. Attention to service, hygiene, and the overall dining experience is paramount. With the necessary improvements in these areas, Verum Asador can truly deliver on its promise of providing an exceptional gastronomic journey rooted in authenticity and truth.

Verum final bill
Verum final bill