I was born in the heart of Italy, and that means growing up surrounded by mouthwatering cuisine as a rule. As a chef, my mother cooked for various hotels, and important families around Italy. We eventually opened our own restaurant in Tuscany. Our entire family had a passion for food, which was derived from the legacies passed down from mother to daughter. Being surrounded by food, I grew up appreciating and enjoying food, which made me more aware of food flavours.

My upbringing broadened my horizons to the point of allowing me to appreciate food that is simple, but also very complex. As an Italian, I developed an appreciation for the simplest, and most traditional pheasant dishes. Over the years, I also gained an understanding, and appreciation of more complex dishes, which is served at Michelin star restaurants.

Now, as a Londoner, I am able to enjoy the traditional, the simple, as well as the more complex through my visits to the many restaurants around the city. My passion for food inspires me to go out to taste, and enjoy the foods, but also to write about it, and share it with everyone here.