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The origin of the word bistro is uncertain.

It could be the regional expression derived from Bistraud (North of France) or Bistroquet name given to the assistants of the wine merchants or at the same winemaker; The term, adopted in 1800 in Paris, was then circulated throughout France. You can pull over to the expression in argot (vernacular Parisian)


which stands for cabaret, but it is not very likely.

The urban legend would derive the name of the small Parisian clubs from the Russian Bystro, meaning “quick”, (in Cyrillic: быстро). The occupation time in Paris Russian (1814 – 1818) the Russian soldiers, who had no right to drink alcohol, feared to be surprised by the officers, so they said often bouistro, bouistro, “quickly, quickly!”. Another interpretation is based on the fact that, since the Russian soldiers occupants, unpopular, in Paris, the waiters served them drinks very slowly and sore soldiers shouted then bistro bistro namely: быстро быстро.

Provender bistro | French bistro | East London

Provender restaurant east london

A French corner in East London in East London is a small French restaurant/bistro only a few minutes walk from Snaisbrook Tube Station on the high street. With a few tables before you reach the door, it is a pleasant place to sit outside on the terrace and enjoy a meal on a sunny day. […]