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Steak tartare

Although it is a popular dish of French cuisine, which later became an international dish, its origin should be sought in reality elsewhere.

It is said that even


derives from the people of the Tartars, the ethnic group of Turkish origin and coming from Eastern Europe. The Tartars were a nation of warriors and precisely due to their nature, were taken to travel a lot, so they were considered nomads. This peculiarity did occur the need to consume quick meals and requiring time-consuming to prepare.

Thus was born among them the custom of placing raw meat under their saddles; during the rides and long trips this was beaten and ground, thus becoming ready to be consumed.

Soon this way to taste the raw meat became very popular and appreciated in Tsarist Russia; the chefs were preparing it often wrote and it was finally exported to the early ‘900 in France by the chefs in exile, entering in effect in the French culinary tradition.

Its preparation is very simple and affordable for everyone, but it requires meticulous sequence of steps for its complete success.

It starts from the first cut of meat: those preferred are generally lean sirloin or rump, which must be of excellent quality and very fresh; They are then totally private of any fat-thread or rib.

Once prepared the meat, it first proceeds to cut it into strips and then into small pieces always smaller that will be finally beaten in order to obtain the right consistency.

Once you have this beat, the meat thus prepared is marinated in wine, other alcoholic beverages, or even just in the lemon juice; This step serves to provide some kind of cooking (even if you can not talk about cooking in its meaning of the word); Finally, the preparation is spiced.

What is important in the preparation of this dish is security: fundamental freshness and high quality of the ingredients.

In fact there are many ways to prepare and serve the tartare, this simple dish but has become one of the most sought for its flavor so special. Often this dish is seasoned with a mix of ingredients that positively characterize the flavor, enhance the taste without hiding the meat. You can accompany such as a few drops of tabasco, or with mustard, but also serve it with a mixture made of chopped anchovies and emulsified with cognac.

often it is accompanied by onions, chopped very finely decorated with the yolk of a raw egg on the top and topped with a mixture of spices, parsley and capers to give that pleasant bittersweet gradation.

You can also find garnished with the chives finely chopped; the meat, once a joke, it is often seasoned with a mixture of chopped parsley, gherkins, capers, onion or shallot, paprika and anchovies, all combined and emulsified together.

These products are also added lemon juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, brandy or Cognac, oil, ketchup and salt and pepper; this dressing apparently also rich in strong flavors, helps to enhance the flavor of this unique preparation and delicious.

The tartare is a very refined dish, by real gourmet, its simple preparation makes it a very pleasant dish, also to be served at home to guests, who will be impressed and excited; a pleasure of sight but also the palate

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