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Takumi Restaurant

Takumi Restaurant Review: A Disappointing Michelin-starred Experience


Tucked away in a corner of the bustling city, Takumi restaurant boasts an esteemed Michelin-star, drawing in curious food enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary culinary experience. However, our visit to Takumi left us underwhelmed and questioning the restaurant’s reputation. From the meagre portion sizes to a disturbing billing mistake, our experience at Takumi fell far short of expectations. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the minute details, exploring the reasons behind our disappointment and providing an honest assessment of the overall dining experience at Takumi.

Portions that Fail to Satisfy:

Upon being seated at Takumi, we eagerly anticipated an exceptional dining experience befitting of its Michelin-star status. However, our enthusiasm quickly waned as we were presented with disappointingly small portion sizes. The dishes, meticulously presented and artistically crafted, left us longing for more substance and satiety. It seemed as if the emphasis on quality overshadowed the importance of providing a fulfilling dining experience. Each bite, though exquisite in taste, failed to quell our hunger or leave a lasting impression.

As we observed the plates being delivered to neighboring tables, it became evident that the lack of portion size was a recurring theme. The general consensus among fellow diners appeared to be one of surprise and dissatisfaction, with some even resorting to ordering additional dishes to compensate for the insubstantial servings. For those seeking a hearty meal or value for money, Takumi’s small portions may prove to be a significant letdown.

Adding to our frustration was the inflated price tags attached to these petite servings. We couldn’t help but feel cheated, as we paid exorbitant amounts for what essentially amounted to a few bites of food. It was a stark reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and at Takumi, one pays not only for the food but also for the illusion of a high-end dining experience.

A Disturbing Billing Error:

In addition to the lacklustre portion sizes, our dining experience at Takumi was marred by a glaring billing mistake that left us deeply concerned. As we awaited the arrival of the bill, we were shocked to discover a significant discrepancy between the total amount charged and the prices clearly stated on the menu. It was an alarming realisation that Takumi had charged us a different price, unjustifiably higher than what was indicated.

We promptly brought this matter to the attention of the staff, expecting a swift resolution. However, what ensued was a bewildering display of confusion and disorganisation. The staff seemed ill-prepared to handle such an issue, and instead of offering a genuine apology or rectifying the mistake promptly, they engaged in a protracted discussion among themselves, further frustrating our already dwindling patience. This lack of professionalism and attention to detail was disheartening, especially considering Takumi’s esteemed reputation.



In conclusion, our visit to Takumi was a dismal affair that failed to live up to the expectations set by its Michelin-starred reputation. The minute portion sizes left us unsatisfied and craving for more, while the glaring billing error raised concerns about the restaurant’s integrity and attention to detail. The lacklustre atmosphere and subpar service further contributed to an underwhelming dining experience.

Takumi’s decline from its once-revered status highlights the importance of maintaining consistency and striving for excellence. Diners seeking a truly memorable and satisfying culinary journey should approach their visit to Takumi with caution. With an array of other sushi restaurants offering superior quality and value for money, it is evident that Takumi has lost its way and failed to keep pace with its competitors.

Our advice to potential diners is to proceed with caution, tempering expectations and considering alternative options that offer a more fulfilling and authentic Japanese dining experience. After all, it is disheartening to feel as though one has been taken advantage of and left with a bitter taste in their mouth, both literally and metaphorically.