Galvin HOP Brasserie/Pub London

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After my visit to La Chapelle a few months ago, I thought it was time to pay a visit to the HOP “Pub” of the Galvin brothers, near Spitalfields market.



Once you step in the “HOP” your attention goes at the Pub counter, where a big, beer, copper, tank, hanging near the ceiling, gives a warm eastern pub feeling to the room. The waiter, wearing a traditional “Czech Republic ” leather apron, greeted me and took me to the table, where I sat down for my dinner.

My table was near the side entrance of la Chapelle, the room is actually an extension of the Chapelle main building, with roof glass and wall.

Galvin hop restaurant wall

Galvin hop restaurant


The menu doesn’t provide a long list of dishes, which is good! Long menus say to me, “Most of our food is not fresh and it’s already prepared and probably frozen!”
The list has mainly pub food with some Galvin twist, like Steak Tartare, one of my favourite starters. Without any hesitation I ordered the Steak Tartare and Sirloin Steak as a main course, accompanied with a nice pint of house beer.

Galvin hop menu

Galvin hop menu

Stake tartare

All the ingredients and meat had already been mixed in a nice cylindric shape, with the typical egg on top. It was Pretty tasty but for my taste, slightly too sweet. I will give it 6.5/10

Galvin hop steak tartare

Galvin hop steak tartare

Sirloin steak

Nice piece of meat served with few crisps homemade cut and fried, nice additional touch. At first bite the meat has a good flavour, but it wasn’t tender as I hoped, quite chewy. Maybe it’s my fault because I built such high expectations over the past years. Every time I visit one of Galvin restaurants, they always went a step ahead to overcome any disappointment and excel as a restaurant, offering one of the best culinary experiences in the London scene.

Galvin hop though steak

Galvin hop though steak

I asked the waiter to change my steak, but unfortunately, the second one was tough as the first. The steak wasn’t being added to the final bill. I will give 2.4/5. First Galvin disappointment in 4 years.

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